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what we do

  • On-site Installation
    On-site Installation Our team has managed projects were hundreds of printers through large hospital chains have been deployed. We offer complete on-site product and system installation for hardware, software and integrated components. We will unpack and setup individual components and then handle all integration services for connecting to your databases,...
  • On-site Training
    On-site Training In addition to setting up and testing your solution to verify that it is working correctly, we also offer on-site training programs to help your staff quickly get up to speed on the new solutions, but also help them learn to run them efficiently. This includes teaching them...
  • Personalized Support
    Personalized Support Our technical support includes both telephone and email support for most typical issues resulting from user error, installation problems or faulty equipment, but also includes optional on-site maintenance when the situation dictates it as the most efficient solution or when a maintenance agreement applies. Our phone support is...
  • Consultation
    Consultation Many of our systems are deployed during a Lab, Pharmacy, or full-scale HIS system conversion. Considerations must be made for handling new data, printing compatible bar-codes, testing data collection devices, scheduling hardware installation, training users, etc. In short, 'going live' with new systems is no small task. Multicard Healthcare...