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Multicard Healthcare provides the most reliable, flexible, and cost effective healthcare printers on the market. But the printer hardware you choose is only one piece of the puzzle. Your overall print ecosystem, including the design of the label or wristband, the type of barcode technology required, your EHR system, the types of supplies used, and the needs of your staff is a critical consideration.

The printer technology you choose can have a significant impact on patient safety and overall efficiency. Let our experts perform a free analysis and recommend the perfect printer ecosystem for you.

Your EHR System

Our printers are Cerner Certified, Epic Tested, and Meditech Approved. Have another EHR system? No problem. Our custom printer programs allow you to take data from any system and create the perfect wristband or label design and the exact barcode technology you need.

Supplies compatibility

Some printers only use certain, proprietary supplies. This affects your ability to make the right choices based on patient safety and staff experience and instead forces you into buying media from your printer manufacturer. Our printers are media-neutral, allowing you to pick the supplies that work best in your environment... and saving you money!

Downtime Solutions

It's bad enough when your system goes down, but when your staff can't print critical patient identification media it adds insult to injury. Not to worry. Our printer systems come with the option to print even in downtime.

Professional Services

Our technology team engages prior to your purchase, then stays with you through the life of your printer ecosystem. We perform a 360-degree analysis of your needs, recommend the proper printer, develop the necessary custom printer program, then install & train your staff. After the printer ecosystem is deployed, we provide a variety of ongoing maintenance options to keep your hardware up and running through its expected life.

request a free printer demo

Want to see one of our printers running first-hand before you make a purchase decision? Contact us today to setup an appointment with one of our specialists for a free product demonstration. You will be automatically enrolled in a drawing for a Citizen watch!

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