patient id systems

Multicard Healthcare addresses Positive Patient Identification during the admitting process. However, we also understand that identification errors can happen at other critical, point of care transactions with your patients.

Medical record mixups cost the average hospital $17.4 million per year and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Patient safety and lives are also at risk when data is matched to the wrong patient or missing from the patient record.

Prevent Duplicate Medical Records

Properly identifying a patient at registration areas, the ED, and more is critical. Our systems make use of leading biometric technology that utilizes a simple webcam to accurately identify patients. This non-offensive method results in a 99% patient acceptance rate... far greater than other biometric systems. Seamless integration with dozens of healthcare systems let's hospitals authenticate patients at any location, helps prevent duplicate medical records, increases patient safety, and deters medical identity theft & healthcare fraud.

Reduce Point-of-Care Errors

At the core of our patient safety expertise is designing a print ecosystem that is fast, easy-to-use, and delivers reliable human and machine-readable technology for your wristbands and labels. Our integration tools allow us to access your existing healthcare system data to create custom bar-codes and print designs that you can print on-demand, anywhere... including at the bedside. Couple this with Multicard Healthcare's scanning technology and mobile devices and identify your patients in any environment including blood draws, glucose tests, mother's milk, lab, pharmacy, and others.

Contact our sales team today with any questions you may have about our Patient ID products and to discuss the best solution for your needs and requirements.

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