Multicard Healthcare's RightPatient® solution allows you to identify patients with the highest level of assurance. Simply capture a patient photo, then our Cloud identifies the patient and the correct patient record & photo are displayed.

When using RightPatient® with Photo Biometrics, patients simply take their picture and they are accurately identified. RightPatient® seamlessly integrates with all major Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, including Cerner®, Epic, Meditech, and McKesson.

RightPatient® is the most accurate biometric patient identification solution. The system leverages a deep learning and cognitive computing engine to recognize patients from any encounter end point. Photo Biometrics is completely contactless and intuitive, making it ideal for hygiene/infection control and improving the patient experience.

With RightPatient® SaaS, healthcare providers can implement the platform for a small monthly fee that includes software, hosting, and support. Our artificial intelligence system runs in the secure, HIPAA-compliant RightPatient® Cloud to minimize deployment and IT costs.